Travel Tips: 4 Best Pratice to Discover Hong Kong

Hong Kong: the metropolis where East and West merge, the heart of capitalism, where traditions have not lost value

Let’s see together 4 small tips to better discover this wonderful city of Asia.

1. Climate

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate: the coldest period is from December to February and the temperature drops to around 10 °CTherefore is not very cold but it is important to have clothes for the cold, while during the hot season from May to September it is hot, humid and rainy.

But despite the heat, inside the buildings and on the means of transport there is a very cold air conditioning.

Finally, we recommend that you visit Hong Kong from February to May because it is the best period, it is not very cold and there are not too many rains.

Tips: Always dressed properly and cared for, here you will often be measured by appearances

2. Use public Transport

Hong Kong has a network of excellent transport facilities; the best and fastest way to get from the airport to the city center is to take the airport express.

This train leaves every 12 min from 5:50 am to 1:13 at night, takes 24 min to travel the 34 km separating the airport from HK station central and even less to get to Kowloontips: In addition, on both Hong Kong and Kowloon stations there are airport express busses that connection more at 50 hotels and are free!

Most important tip: buy the octopus card, you use it for the vast network of public transport that is very extensive and efficient.

This card can be used on almost all means of transport in the city but also in many chain stores and Park N Shop and 7-Eleven supermarkets. It cost HK$150 (about €16).

3. Explore

The sea: the last part of Hong Kong consists of more than 200 islands in the East China Sea; many of this uninhabited and reachable only in private sampan (Chinese wooden boats) .

Lamma, the closest, and coveted destination for people fleeing the hectic pace of the city, looking for reasonably priced pubs, seafood restaurants and beaches.

While the largest of the islands is Lantau, here you will find Hong Kong Disneyland, the Ngong Ping cable car and the Po Lin monastery where is the biggest Buddha statue.

The city:  For a panoramic view of the city climb the Victoria Peak, use the Peak tram.

Reach the North-East part of HK Island and -pause to watch- the incredible house constructions, their name is Yick Fat Building and their sight will take your breath away.

Tips: download the mobile app My Hong Kong Guide for create your virtual tour from 1800 activities and attractions tips: buy the Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card (HK$69 – €7) for use roaming.

Best cheap Tips: take a Star ferry: Ferry that reaches various places on the island and allows you to have a spectacular view of the city (HK$2,20 – €0,24)

4. Kitchen

HK is the culinary capital of Asia and boasts the world’s highest concentration of restaurants. Here you can try a wide variety of Chinese regional specialties, especially cantonese.Dai Pai Dong are streets small restaurants try the Chinese tea: Savor it in a traditional tea house.

Tips: visit one outdoor markets; the best one is in Temple Street. Here you can find food, good price and get lucky. Best time about 8-10 pm.

These are 4 little tips that I can help you on your next visit to Hong King.
Do you have others to suggest and add to these?

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