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Influencer Interview: Donato & Giulia Travel Couple (DG Travel)

Recently they have been in Malaysia, Vietnam, Bali and Singapore, but obviously they won’t stop here.

Donato Solimena and Giulia De Jesus, 2 years ago decided to leave everything to start following their dreams, traveling thanks to Instagram

They love travel because they like to meet new people, and discover different cultures, but above all they love to share their trips with their community through photos and videos on Instagram

We had the pleasure of asking him a few questions, and an interview with interesting ideas came out.

▪ Hi Guys, thanks for your participation in this new Top World Hotel format.
First question about you. How and where did you meet?

We met 4 years ago in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt. I was a photographer and Donato was responsible for assistance, we both worked in the same resort and we got to know each other like this, the absurd part is that in Italy we lived only half an hour away from each other

▪ What is DG Travel? What does it represent for you?

DG Travel is our blog and our job. This mean everything for us.
We both left our job to pursue this dream that has materialized in DG Travel

▪ Is it a full time job?

Yes absolutely is our full time job. Even when we don’t travel, we always work on DG Travel

▪ This is a question that interests many. How do you choose your destinations?   

We are not the ones who choose the trips, but they choose us.

Usually we choose the destinations relying on the best #, for example we love to go to Mykonos, Santorini and Maldives, because we know that all the contents that we create with these locations and their # it’s more easy that will go viral and will receive more views.

But we also choose destinations based on the attractions that are to be photographed and the hotels that contact us.

▪ Often following your profile, we always see that you stay in many Hotels and Resorts. How do you approach with Hotels?

When we have started we contacted them on DM directly and asked them if they could be interested to collaborate with us. Now we receive many requests from the hotels for work together, so usually we create a specific project with Brand hotels in one area and create a trip with them.

▪ When you work with Hotels and Resorts, what are the requests made to you? What kind of content do you need to create?

Usually hotels want us to create content for social media to be published on our accounts (Instagram, blog, Pinterest and in the future we will also add Tik Tok).

In some cases we are also required to make material for their commercial use (photos for marketing campaigns, still life etc ..), in this case there is much more work to be done and therefore they are paid jobs. The same is true when we need to make promotional videos for hotels.

Not all the work we do is visible on our account.

▪ Do you think a Professional Travel Influencer can bring value and increase the popularity of a Hotel or Resort? Should a Hotel invest in an influencer? Why?

It depends on who is considered influencer. If by influencer we mean a person who promotes brands when he is in the structure and the shots are focused on the person then no.

If instead, we mean sector influencers who create content where the subject is the hotel then yes. A travel influencer brings value for two reasons: the first is that it creates quality material that the hotel can exploit on their social channels, the second is that if the influencer takes quality photos these are probably reposted several times and this brings a lot of visibility at the hotel.

So hotels must invest in this sector, but they have to do it carefully, carefully studying the accounts to host and work with.

▪ Curiosity: how is traveling as a couple? Is there something that sometimes makes you angry about each other?

Travelling as a couple makes it easier to create content by being two. But being together 24h on 24h it happens to argue, we often discuss how to do the shots and what to post, but finally we always makes peace..

▪ The “Influencer” figure is slowly being replaced by the “Content Creator”. Why do you think? Do you think the influencer is seen as a low-level figure?

They are two completely different things, we in first person call ourselves content creator and not influencer.

Being an influencer means you have a lot of influence on people, but that doesn’t mean that you know quality content, while being a content creator means being a professional photographer or video maker.

▪ Curiosity 2: Why, in almost all the photos, can you see only Giulia? Is it your choice, or is it just a case?

There are several reasons why Giulia is in the photos:

1. Obviously it is faster and easier to create content with one person taking the picture and the other in the picture.

2. Our target has always been travel, and not a “for couples” target. As a result the photos with Giulia or without her are more appreciated..

3. Donato prefers to stay behind the lens.

▪ Ok, Thank You guys, last question for you: What are you most looking forward to in 2020? Any travel goals?

For 2020, we have so many projects that we will soon reveal to you, now we have been around the world twice.

So for us to travel has become a routine. There are no destinations in particular that we would like to visit, we will see what jobs will be proposed to us.

A big thank you to Donato and Giulia
You can follow them through Instagram, Facebook or directly on their Website.

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