Influencer Interview: a little chat with André De Mello

André De Mello was born in Brazil and spent most of his life in New York City where he graduated with a B.A. in Film Studies. He has produced and directed several tv series including Hotéis Incríveis (“Amazing Hotels”) for South America’s largest cable network: Globosat. He has filmed in more than 20 countries and has featured over 100 of the most spectacular hotels.

André’s photos and videos have been reposted by every major travel Instagram account.

We had the pleasure of asking him a few questions. Let’s find out what he told us.

▪ Hi André, thanks for accepting this interview. Let’s start immediately with a question about you.
Who is André? We are curious… Tell us about yourself

I’m originally a filmmaker and visual artist. At age 19 I moved to NYC by myself and studied film and music.

I’ve also lived in Rome with my family when I was 11, so traveling had always been a part of who I am.

▪ You were born in Brazil but you spent a lot of time in New York. What did this city give you?

New York is the most amazing city in the world. Being there for the first time at age 19 really had a huge impact on me. New York stays with you, it’s a powerful place. The city taught me so much, about the importance and power of diversity and it also gave me a thick skin.

▪ Living in a city like New York, what benefits has it brought to your life?

New York feels like home whenever I’m back as I’ve spent almost 15 years there. I’ve also lived in Los Angeles for a few years. New York is an important city and everyone should go there at least once to see what beautiful things we can accomplish when we embrace diversity and creativity.

▪ Are you traveling alone or with someone? Who’s taking the pictures for you? Tell us  

It varies. I’ve traveled with friends and also by myself. It’s much easier to create content when you have a like-minded friend to help out. It’s also exciting to share those experiences with someone you care about.

▪ On Instagram, many of your content is reposted. When you make a photo, what features should have and what feelings should it transmit to your followers?

I think each place will dictate the mood and feeling. Mainly I like to transmit a feeling of peace and tranquility. I’m always grateful when my photos get reposted.

▪ You are an Influencer and Content Creator. You think the two things are united, or do you think you can only be an Influencer or just a Content Creator?

I see myself as a content creator, if I influence people to visit a certain destination or hotel that’s amazing! But I think influencer is a title that is given to you by others.

Also in the past couple of years the term has taken on a negative connotation since our market has become over saturated. I prefer the term content creator for that reason.

▪ Let’s talk about Hotels. You have visited more than 100 of the best Hotels and Resort in the world. What are the best? Tell us the first three and why.

That’s such a difficult question!

There are so many beautiful places on this earth and that’s what I learn with every trip!

If I had to choose my top 3 hotels (at the moment) I’ll go with Six Senses Zil Pasyon in the Seychelles. it’s in its own private island, the beaches are incredible, the service exceptional and you can Kayak to Coco island, a tiny desert island!
I also saw turtle hatching there for the first time and it was very moving.

Villa Honegg in Switzerland is a place I love! There are only 20 suites , it’s private, with one of the best heated pools with the view of the alps. It’s a breathtaking place!

The Maldives is a top destination for me, someone who loves Clear water beaches! There are many outstanding resorts there. It’s hard to pick just one! I’ll say Four Seasons Private island was the most surreal experience for me. Imagine having an entire island just for yourself and 15 of your closest friends? It’s something really special.

▪ How does your job work? Do you contact the Hotels directly and propose your works?

Sometimes I contact them and other times I’m invited to stay, create photos and videos and promote a hotel.

▪ Do you think a Professional Travel Influencer can bring value and increase the popularity of a Hotel or Resort? Should a Hotel invest in an influencer? Why?

Absolutely! Some hotels (Villa Honegg for example) relies only on influencers to promote it and they are always at capacity.

It’s important to choose a good content creator with quality images because as you’ve mentioned before, if the work is good it will go beyond our Instagram page and will get reposted and seen by millions of people. That is priceless, I don’t think as creators we get enough credit for that.

▪ When was Mello.Media born? Tell us about your project. What services do you offer to hotels?

My production company Mello.Media was born in Rio after I moved back from the US. I directed a tv series called “Hotéis Incríveis” (Amazing Hotels) for Globosat , the largest cable network in Brazil and that’s how I stared my relationship with luxury hotels.

My production company offers professional video services to hotels and resorts, video packages as well as consulting and social media management and marketing.

▪ You have visited many luxury Hotels and Resorts. Nowadays, what does a high-class structure have to offer? How can it be different?

I think excellence in service should always be on top of the list along with a beautiful atmosphere and ambiance. When the hotel is focused on experiences and customization based on each client’s demands, that’s a winning combination.

▪ A Hotel or Resort (even more than one) where would you absolutely like to stay?

I’d love to visit more Aman resorts which is a brand I love. I’ve only been to Amangiri in the Utah desert so far and loved it.

I’ve never been to Cavotagoo which is an Instagram classic in Mykonos, so I’d like to experience it.

I’m always on the lookout for new hotel openings and always very exited to get to know new hotels and resorts around the world!

▪ You joined TikTok too. What do you think of this platform? Do you think it is suitable for this kind of content?

I joined less than 2 months ago and I’m impressed by the organic reach the app has unlike Instagram today where your content is hardly seen anymore, so I’m enjoying seeing some videos already go viral! Plus there’s no pressure to post a perfect video. It’s about being spontaneous which I love!

▪ What are you most looking forward to in 2020? Any goals? Any news your followers can get excited about?

I’m very excited for my upcoming trips in 2020.

I’ll be visiting some brand new resorts in some tropical destinations. I don’t want to give too much away but I can’t wait to share all of these new discoveries with my followers.

A big thank you to André
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