How to Explore the South-East Asia : Here The 10 Top Tips

Would you like to travel through South-East Asia?

There will be plenty of things to try, from street food, to driving scooters over green rice fields, exploring intricate temples and meeting local wildlife. Here you will have our top ten tips for starting your first trip to South-East Asia.

1. Cash and no cards

You should always remember, that in South-East Asia, you will almost never be able to pay using the card, and where this is possible, you will be charged percentages on your total price. So always bring cash with you, especially small cut.

These will help you to move better when you have to negotiate some price.

2. Prevention is better than cure

Insect repellent is a must. This drives mosquitoes away. Especially in the coastal areas of Asia, remember to always ask for an accommodation with mosquito nets on the bed – especially if there are unshielded areas in your room.

It is also fair to inform you that in some parts of Asia there is malaria. Consider taking anti-malarial tablets with you.

3. You can not drink water

You can not drink tap water in South-East Asia. Also do not brush your teeth with it. Bottled water is readily available at stores.

4. Be careful with street food

It is a custom throughout South-East Asia and is super cheap and delicious. Immersing yourself in their culture, and especially in their local foods, is a must that each of us must do.

You should buy street food that is cooked in front of you to avoid having any problems after eating.

5. Contracted

You will surely be robbed once or twice. Do not worry, it happens to all of us, but you have to practice and master your contractual skills. In order not to let this happen, remember, (see point 1) to always carry small denominations of banknotes, so that it will be much easier for you to arrive at your price.

6. Learn to drive a motorbike

It’s the best way to show you the most beautiful places in all of South-East Asia.

It is very easy to drive, and above all not cumbersome in terms of parking.

7. Travel insurance

As we often list in our various travel articles, we report it here too. It is a delicate point because it is about health, and this always comes to the fore. Do not try to save your money by running the risk of being left to pay your unexpected medical expenses in your own pocket.

8. Be a responsible and ethical tourist in Sout-East Asia

While exploring the South-East Asia, try to immerse yourself in cooking classes, diving courses, elephant tourism, yoga retreats, jungle treks, tribal village tours and more. Be sure to look for tours and tour companies before booking to make sure your tourist dollars are used in socially responsible ways, rather than inadvertently helping animal abuse or the environment.

9. Dress code

Most people think of South-East Asia as a warm paradise where you can show your body all the time. Unfortunately it’s not like that. Especially in South-East Asia, in some areas such as Malaysia and Indonesia, respect for their culture and beliefs must be respected as Muslim countries.

The same applies to the Buddhist countries. Dress respectfully.

10. Take time for the temples

Numerous temples of South-East Asia are some of the most famous attractions in the region, and you can not miss them.

Hindus Khmers have left a series of incredible monuments.

The most impressive of which can be seen at Angkor in Cambodia, while the most impressive legacies of Buddhists include the colossal stupa of the ninth century of Borobudur in Indonesia and the plain strewn with Bagan temples in Myanmar.

If you’ve been to some South-East Asian country, do you have any tips to add?

Please share the comments section below.

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