How Online Reviews Affect Hotel Bookings

What are the factors that drive customers to consult online reviews before making a reservation?

Why are people’s opinions so influential?

A survey conducted by TripAdvisor, in collaboration with Ipsos MORI, confirmed the important role played by online reviews during a hotel booking. The opinions of travelers, in fact, not only significantly influence customer decisions, but also influence the online reputation of hotels.

The study revealed that the reviews published by users on TripAdvisor, Booking.com and other similar online portals have an important value in planning a trip or any type of experience.

Now consulting online reviews has become a common practice. In fact, before booking a stay, potential customers prefer to examine the reputation of a hotel through the opinions of guests who have already stayed in the hotel. 79% of those interviewed confirmed this aspect; moreover, having to choose between two similar structures, the survey participants prefer to select the hotel with a higher average score. Finally, over half of those interviewed would never book an accommodation with no reviews.

As well as the hi tech and food sector, even the tourism sector has experienced the explosion of competitiveness, which has translated over the last few years with an increasingly high number of accommodation facilities among which tourists are called to choose. And it’s here online reviews come into play.

One of the reasons why it is easier for the consumer to inquire about your hotel even without visit it, is also given by the fact that with a simple Google search concerning a stay in a particular hotel or in a specific area, the search engine he already answers me with a lot of information: First of all those given by Google to the side of the page, in which an evaluation data appears (stars and reviews).

From the survey, in addition to the desire to read more current opinions and recent contents, another aspect emerged that concerns the publication of reviews. When asked about the reasons for writing a review, most of the respondents mainly expressed a desire to share positive experiences with other “Colleagues” travelers.

Here are some interesting facts:

“93% of users read reviews to decide if a hotel is good or not”
“85% of consumers trust online reviews and personal recommendations”

If only 7% of people do not feel they have to test the reliability of a company through reviews, it means that the rule has changed. It means that almost every guest who enters a hotel has watched his reputation online.

And you? Do you also rely on online reviews before booking a hotel?

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