Gita: The Suitcase that follows you on your own journey

Ready for your next travel with Gita?

Try to imagine how your hands would be much freer if you did not have to carry any suitcase.
Gita is born, the first suitcase that follows you wherever you go.

If you are tired of carrying heavy loads, or you have too many shopping bags in your hands, or you do not want to take your suitcase for a trip, Gita is for you.

Gita, a mobile-carrier that follows people on the go. Gita encourages a mobile lifestyle for anyone who wants to move with ease, from millennials and parents to seniors and disabled individuals; it’s your answer for getting out the door without grabbing your car keys.

This two-wheeled suitcase is a cylindrical container that can hold up to 39 lbs and move at a speed of 35 kilometres per hour, following its owner thanks to a smartphone location service.

It requires a 3 hours power supply for an autonomy of 8 hours, and is equipped with front and rear cameras and sensors to detect obstacles during the journey.

To open or start it, you need to read the fingerprints and enter the security code. It is available in blue, red, yellow, green, gray. LED lights surround the fenders.

There is also the larger version called Piaggio Kilo.

This suitcase, on the other hand, moves on 3 wheels and is capable of transporting up to 115 kilos. In short, two models that can carry anything and therefore can be used not only as a suitcase but as large and useful containers.



Piaggio Gita and Kilo are produced by Fast Forward, an American start-up of the Piaggio group.

The creators of the famous “Vespa” based in Boston that studies the development of new mobility solutions.

The company’s motto is “autonomy for humans”, and the company’s hope, thanks to Gita, is to encourage walking, by eliminating the need for people to need their cars. Or, if you want to feel similar to Luke Skywalker, you can pretend that Gita is your BB-8 droid.

The leaders of Piaggio explain that the group explores the evolution of the world, constantly growing thanks to new technologies.
These that we see and test every day, lead us to a change of the future.

In this way, the Piaggio group tries to broaden its vision to technological solutions that are decidedly much wider than their current core business.

What do you think? Would you use a suitcase like that?

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