EasyJet will launch connections to Aqaba in Jordan First

” The English company Easyjet will be the first to launch its connection in Jordan.
But in the south east of Europe it will not be the only one instead… “

The inauguration of the flight will take place from the Gatwick airport to the resort on 10 November. The connection once a week will also provide access to the ancient city of Petra and the desert landscapes of Wadi Rum.

“This collaboration will increase the flow of tourists in the Golden Triangle”, announced the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities of Jordan Lina Annab.

The British airline hopes that the connection to Aqaba will prove to be much more effective than flights to the Jordanian capital, Amman. That line was closed in 2014 due to heavy losses.

To secure the Christmas market, EasyJet is working to launch two flights a week from Gatwick to Rovaneimi, in Lapland, at the end of October.

This city is located in the Arctic Circle, and is considered at the moment a favorite destination for British families, as it collects a series of artificial caverns full of festive attractions.

The city also houses the Arktikum Museum, dedicated to the history of Lapland.

In Eastern Europe, on the other hand, mainly in Poland, where there has long been a battle for aviation between different airlines such as Ryanair and Wizz Air, Easyjet wants to establish itself there, launching a route from Gatwick airport (London) in Warsaw.

The connection will take place four times a week, and will be the only flight from Sussex Airport to the Polish capital.

But it is not alone, as the other companies are not watching.

In fact Wizz Air will start its connections from Luton and British Airways and LOT from Heathrow Airport.

In France, however, things change, as EasyJet is in second place behind Air France.

Easyjet is indeed intensifying competition with the French national company by launching a direct connection from Paris to Pau, in the Pyrenees

It will be EasyJet, the first airline to launch the first scheduled direct connection from the UK to Aqaba in Jordan.

The English company Easyjet will be the first to launch its connection in Jordan.

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