What are the factors that drive customers to consult online reviews before making a reservation? Why are people's opinions so influential? A survey conducted by TripAdvisor, in collaboration with Ipsos MORI, confirmed the important role played by online reviews during

Have you ever dreamed of having breakfast with a toucan or swimming in the plankton-lit sea? In this article we want to show you 5 Luxury Hotels for true wildlife lovers who don't want to give up 5-star comfort. Extremely luxurious

The Leading Hotels of the World, is the prestigious company that operates in the field of luxury hospitality, representing over 375 of the finest hotels, resorts and spas in the world. It was founded in 1928 by a group of influential

A floating Hotel was born in Sweden, and sleeping here in the Arctic Bath, could prove to be a unique experience. It is, as the word says, an arctic bath, a spa on Lake Lule that offers high-level wellness treatments

Boutique Hotel is a term coined in the United States to indicate small Luxury Hotels, with an unconventional and intimate environment. The Boutique Hotel sector is constantly growing. Both independent hotels and large hotel chains are investing so much to

Airbnb launches Luxe, the new luxury accommodation offer. The new tier, called Airbnb Luxe, is designed for customers interested in spending more than $1,000 a night on thoughtfully designed, massive private homes with scenic views and top-of-the-line amenities. This new tier

There is an American Hotel chain founded in 1999, which has set itself as the main objective of revolutionizing the hospitality industry, of sewing them a completely new role, unmarked by the antiquated idea of a large cluster of rooms

" The English company Easyjet will be the first to launch its connection in Jordan. But in the south east of Europe it will not be the only one instead

Whenever we take a flight, the only thing we really pay attention to is to look at our boarding pass for the seat number, the row, and the gate closing .. is not it? The combination of letters and figures that

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