Best: 10 Unmissable Top Tips for Traveling Europe

Europe has always been a popular destination for everyone. Each country is a mixture of cultures, languages, heritage, architecture and customs across the continent.

Top world Hotel has decided to realase in this article its top 10 tips that will help you be a much more attentive, intelligent and relaxed traveler on your trip to Europe.

1. Check the visa requirements

The first tips we give to our travelers is to check first if the country you visit is free or requires a tourist visa.
If the country requires it, take a look at the various sites that list visa requirements.

Better to leave and get ready in advance, so you can enjoy your holiday in total relaxation and without thoughts of this kind.

2. Travel in the off season

Enjoy the best beaches of the Mediterranean Sea in total relaxation and without overcrowding, or visit the best tourist attractions without wasting time in exhausting queues.

Surely, even for Europe, as well as the rest of the world, if you are traveling during the low season you will save time and money in accommodations, airline tickets, train tickets and tours.

Most of the main tourist attractions are open all year, so take advantage and enjoy your trip away from the chaos.

3. Learn the local language

Practicing some sentences before arriving at their destination is always a great way to keep yourself in training and to use them with the locals.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, they will surely appreciate a tourist who tries to speak the local language, and they will be much more friendly to advise you and talk with you.

Try listening to some podcasts to get the correct pronunciation, or practice with the endless apps that help you learn and improve the language you want to talk to.

4. Book in advance

This is true for every part of the world… if you book first you will have much more economic benefits than if you book at the last minute.
The same thing applies to Europe, adding that it costs much less than other parts here.

So if you make a reservation in advance, you can guarantee accommodation and tours at low prices, such as air and rail tickets.
What’s better than taking a vacation and saving money on bookings?

5. Travel by train

Traveling by train is often more spacious, comfortable and easier than air travel, depending on the final destination.

Often, there are no airlines to reach some locations. This is why booking your train ticket will make you reach hidden and enchanting locations.

Not always, traveling by train is cheaper than traveling by plane, but the journey will be different, and you can enjoy different views.

To make it even easier to travel by train, download an app for train planets where you can track schedules and purchase tickets.

6. Don’t be afraid to use the budget companies

Getting from one place to another in Europe has never been easier (and less expensive).

Use low-cost airlines and save a lot of time and money. If you travel light (only for hand baggage), airlines such as Easy Jet and Ryan Air are two examples of the many providers flying all over Europe for almost nothing.

7. Be local

Whenever you’re in a new city, try to sample their local food; we must try to resist the impulse to eat something familiar.

We must immerse ourselves in their culture and this also means to say in their daily foods. So yes, go beyond the usual home food.

Maybe you will not like them all, but at least you’ve tried!

Part of the fun when traveling is also about tasting new flavors and experimenting with new things.

8. Look over

Surely, seeing the most important monuments of each city is the main goal for most travelers.

But remember, you can see and do a lot more if you stay out of it.

Try to ask local people for the best places to eat, or the best hidden places where you can enjoy wonderful views, where to go for a picnic, or places to listen to beautiful music.

The most hidden and least known sides are always the most beautiful.

9. Stay longer in one place

It’s always more rewarding to stay in one place for a week or two than to go around town for a few days.

Not only does it mean that you have more time to look at everything calmly, but you have the possibility, for example, to know a new neighborhood, find your favorite bar or restaurants to eat and you can also make friends with local people.

10. Be comfortable

It is a must-have, and it is a point that we always repeat. and it’s the best way to explore cities.

Comfortable clothes, but above all dress comfortable shoes.

After a long day walking your feet will thank you!

Do you travel often to Europe? Do you have any further advice?

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