Backpacking Trip: Here The 8 Top Tips

Backpacking trip means discovering, knowing the world, finding yourself and above all understanding life in general. The lessons are too many, and it does not matter where you are now in the world. Here there are our 8 top Backpacking tips that any person should learn if he starts his first backpack trip.

1. Make a list of everything!

There are important things and unimportant things to bring in this kind of journey. Take a sheet and start dividing it by categories.

If you have a free room, arrange things clearly in groups; sleeping (tent, sleeping bag, mattress) cooking (tools).

Bar whenever you have the item handy. This way you will find it much easier to prepare your backpack.

2. You need a few things

Surely many of you, bring with them a lot, maybe too much stuff, and then find themselves wearing and using the usual things.

Bring with you the bare minimum, reminding you that everything else you can take it on your way.

3. Everyone wants to hear it 

Your guitar, that is. One of the most important reasons why people travel backpackers is to experiment with something new.

Let yourself be carried away by music deriving from your guitar that brighten up your days is one of those.

4. Don’t give up

You will be tired, hungry, aching and many other kinds of discomfort. You will reach the end of tolerance. But it is there the beautiful.

Don’t give up. Keep going forward despite everything. If you travel in pairs, it means you could fight more than normal; but on the other hand you will also have a hand in moments of discomfort, both mental and physical.

You will realize that you have done all this with your hands, and so after so much effort, you can enjoy the best views and be satisfied.

5. There are good people everywhere

Despite everything you hear on television, and what we see today, there are good people everywhere.

If you are polite and respectful, there will always be a good soul willing to help you.

6. You will learn to make needs in another way

What you will learn very quickly on your first backpacking trip is that you’ll have to learn how to poop and pee out; and this involves digging a hole and burying it.

It is one of the basics for starting a backpacker journey. We must adapt immediately and very quickly. Remember the hand sanitizer!

7. Always carry a backup battery

This is one of the most important tips for your first backpacking trip.

A wild-style backpacking trip and tell me to bring a spare battery? Obviously. Many people use their smartphones as a primary navigation device.

As such, it is a big problem if you drain the battery all the way. Make sure you also have paper maps and a compass.

8.Remember the survival kit

In your backpack, remember to bring some essential small objects that do not occupy space but are of fundamental importance:

  • Swiss knife: the Swiss knife is always useful in the most desperate times, from wanting to peel a fruit to the duty to screw a small screw, to self defense in the most serious situations.
  • The torch: is of vital importance in the evening where on some occasions you are not able to return to your room when in the mountains. 
  • The alarm: how do you wake up at 4 if you have a bus at 5 and no one is giving you the jolts in the morning.
  • Padlocks: learn to seal everything. Remember that you are alone, and trusting is good, not trusting is better. No one looks at your luggage if you walk away even if only to go to the bathroom.

Here we have listed our 8 tips to start your first backpacking trip!

Surely there will be many others! So, do not miss the chance to write yours! 🙂

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