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"Our mission is to inspire people to stay
in the Top Hotel and Resorts around the world"

We Visit, Verify and Review the top Hotels and Resorts in the World

✓ Any Hotel and Resort you will find at Top World Hotel has been Visited and Reviewed by our Staff.

✓ On Top World Hotel we Select, Verify and Review the Top Hotels and Resort in the world.

✓ Our Staff check the Hotels, take photos, review them and give a Professional Score.

Top World Hotel Verification


In 2017, a little for fun and a bit for passion, Tomasz Caracciolo and Simone Caracciolo decided to create Top World Hotel, a community on Instagram dedicated to the top Hotels and Resorts in the world. The intent was to share dream places for users to spend a few days relaxing.

This fantastic group, which is growing day by day, has turned into something more concrete, great and passionate, which aims to visit and review all the best Hotels and Resorts.

We visit hotels, take photos, inspect them and review them. In this way we can tell you the pros and cons of each Hotel and Resort. For each structure that we certify, we give our own score. Here you can find all the hotels we have checked.

We have already been to France, Spain, United States, Indonesia, Greece, Croatia, Canary Islands and Italy. Our goal is to add more and more Hotels to our Verified Hotel Network.

While we inspect both service and facility, our rating system emphasizes service because your experience at a hotel, goes beyond looks — how it makes you feel is what you will remember most. We take the guesswork out of selecting the best Hotel and Resorts in the world for your next trip.

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Top World Hotel Netowrk

What does Top World Hotel do for you and what can you do?

Our goal is to offer you a complete review of the top Hotels and Resorts in the world.

We personally check the facilities, and create the best content to share with you. For each Hotel and Resort we create a page with all the information you need, our reviews, our photos and our personal score.

We want to create for you the largest network of Verified Hotels and Resorts and give you the assurance that every hotel on the Top world Hotel has been personally checked by us.

And you?

You can share your experience with us.
By creating a profile on Top World Hotel, you can share your experiences, your passions, photos and leave your review on the hotels and resorts of our network. Your contribution will make this community bigger and more important.


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