7 Best Tips for defeat fear while flying

Why are you afraid to fly? Holidays should be a moment of adventure, fun and relaxation. But for some people, the experience can be full of anxiety before they even arrive.

Do not let your fear take the upper hand, take heaven with confidence with the 7 Topworldhotel tips for defeat fear while Flying.

1. Distractions

The first tip to defeat fear while Flying is to have something to distract you. Bring something that makes you feel better, like a book, a magazine, or a selection of films you’ve chosen the night before.. The important thing is to keep busy with whatever you decide to take with you.

2. Understanding the sense of your fear

The fear of flying is a complicated psychological condition. Understanding the true reason that is driving your fear will help you a lot to overcome it. For example, many people are afraid of crashing, others are claustrophobic, others are afraid of traveling at sea.

Before planning your next trip, try to spend some time thinking about what is really causing your fear of flying, this way you can act accordingly and think of various alternatives to fight it.

3. Don’t be afraid of turbulence

Climate change can increase the reasons why there are turbulences. The turmoil is just an inconvenience and they are not as dangerous as one can think.

The wings do not break (some can even bend up to 90 degrees) and the plane can not be reversed backwards.

Serious turbulence can cause damage, so make sure you have your seatbelts fastened every time you’re sitting and the signal is on.

4. Focus on what awaits you on arrival

It is true, anxiety and fear loom for many people before taking a plane. however, try to think about what awaits you after the trip like:

  • fantastic restaurants
  • beautiful beaches where you can swim in the crystal clear waters 
  • walks along the historical centers of the city
  • meet new people and new cultures

Everything at the other end of the journey that makes you so afraid. But you know that what awaits you is worth much more than the fear itself.

5. Breathe

Breathing is one of the best tips and ways to calm down if you feel panicked or anxious before and during a flight.

There are several techniques that you can use, but the main goal is to slow down breathing and focus on expiration rather than inhale, because when you panic, your breathing becomes shallow and fast, your heart beats increase and you prolongs the state of panic.

A trick that works is to exhale completely before inhaling. So close your eyes, find a comfortable and relaxing position and inhale deeply, hold the air for a couple of seconds and exhale completely. Continue to do so until the panic passes, and you feel more relaxed.

6. Get to the airport early

For the many anxious travelers, often arriving first at the airport can be a way to be quieter, and avoid racing in the traffic, and arrive at the last moment.

Give yourself plenty of time to get there. Perhaps even asking a friend or family member to give you a ride can make the journey to the airport more enjoyable. Once you arrive, go straight through security so you are ready.

Remember to avoid caffeine as it can increase the feelings of stress.

7. Choose the most comfortable place

If you suffer from claustrophobia, you might try to sit in the most comfortable corridor. If you find it useful to look out the window, sit there.

When you buy your ticket, be sure to select a place that suits your needs best, even if it means paying a little extra for this. Some of the new aircraft offer “beds” in economy class on night flights, so call the airline to find out.

On many flights, you may find free seats that can be for you.

In this case, ask the flight attendant if you can move somewhere and have more space. They will be happy to meet your needs.

Do you have any other tips to add to our list?

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