5 Dream Luxury Hotels Surrounded by Nature

Have you ever dreamed of having breakfast with a toucan or swimming in the plankton-lit sea?

In this article we want to show you 5 Luxury Hotels for true wildlife lovers who don’t want to give up 5-star comfort.

Extremely luxurious in every detail, they are designed for those who do not want to lose touch with the landscape, animals and local cultures while in comfort. For those who are not satisfied with being a tourist on holiday, but want to live a place with all of themselves.

COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali

COMO Shambhala Estate is located near Ubud, Bali—a true ‘Retreat for Change’.
What this luxury resort adds is the opposite view. It starts from the jungle to reach, possibly, the sea. Not the other. Everything, from the patio to the yoga, to the restaurant, to the pool is immersed in the lush vegetation of the tropical forest, which dominates from above in several places, not the other way around.

The focus here is on wellness. The holistic, 360-degree approach offers signature massage therapies and beauty treatments. A state-of-the-art gym and outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing make the most of the Estate’s unique location

Six Senses, Bhutan

“The happiest place in the world”. This is the motto of the 5 hotels that Six Senses has created in Bhutan. From the breathtaking view of the sacred valley of the Land of the Dragon of Punakha to the eco sustainable lodges immersed in the forest of Bumthang.

Bhutan, on the slopes of the Himalayas, is the perfect place for those seeking harmony and spirituality, with a keen eye for environmental and social sustainability.

Six Senses Bhutan is located within the amazing Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan known for its rich diversity of flora and fauna along with omnipresent spirituality and colorful culture. Geographically, Bhutan descends from the highest Himalaya. To the north lies Tibet while to the west, south and east sits India. Each of these valleys has a scenic beauty that is unique. These five valleys offer an enchanted journey through the Kingdom.

The Datai Langkawi, Malesia

The Datai Langkawi is a captivating destination resort that blends into its natural surroundings. Situated on the mystical island of Langkawi, the resort’s lush tropical rainforest embraces each room, suite and villa, with private verandas and breathtaking views. This serene haven is where you can reconnect with nature and uplift your soul.

There are more than 260 species of birds, 535 types of butterflies and 51 different mammals in this jungle

Ser Casasandra, Holbox, Messico

“This is a place to reconnect with yourself and be reborn”. So Sandra Perez, Cuban by birth and Mexican by adoption, tells her “home”. A place that he built first of all for himself and which he later opened to people in search of peace and authenticity.

From your arrival to the port, the island invites you to take off your shoes and get rid of all the stress and and weariness of daily city life. The fundamental thing in Holbox is not to have any plan, forget about time and simply enjoy the quietness of the moment. The island is rich and authentic with sea treasures, and they are considered the best kept secret of the Mexican Caribbean.

Ser Casasandra offers an ad personam wellness menu. From meditation in the morning, to nature walks, to local craft courses, each program is studied on personal passions. The rooms all have a hammock (but also a bed) to relax in, but no TV or telephone. Music is the common thread of space and time, in a delicate and almost imperceptible way and everything is authentic, just as if you were guests of dear friends, very discreet. Dedicated to those who need to be reborn.

Capella Ubud, Indonesia

A magical corner of nature just steps away from the cultural beauties of the island of Bali

Rooms with soft beds, decorated with inlaid wood panels, with a swimming pool overlooking the lush Balinese forest. Every corner of relaxation is surrounded by unspoilt nature and the common rooms and fitness areas are also surrounded by greenery. Positioned between the rice terraces and the sacred river Wos, this hotel allows you to isolate yourself completely but also weave new friendships around a bonfire, having dinner in the common tent or by the pool.

Capella Ubud brings the wonders and myths of Bali’s exotic past to life. Inspired by the early European settlers from the 1800s, architect Bill Bensley conceptualized this ultra-luxurious tented camp as a tribute to their spirit of adventure.

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