5 Best Booking.com Tips: How to Get the Best Deals

Did you know that even to book on Booking there are some techniques that can make you find the best offer?

Now Booking.com has become one of the most used platforms to find accommodation for their travels.

Yes sure enough just pick a hotel, dates, insert your credit card details, arrive at the property, enjoy. And true, it can also be done this way, but if you keep reading, there is actually some tips you might learn – tips, which might not only save you some money, but also land you in a much nicer hotel bedroom


Genius status is a loyalty status of the Booking.com website

To achieve this status you only need to book your stay at five times within two years. Just be sure to log in with the same username every time you book.

❗ Please note that this will not be relevant for all the hotels – some offer genius discounts and some don’t.

So, these are some of the genius perks you get:

  • 10% discount on bookings
  • 2 hours earlier check in
  • 2 hours later check out
  • airport shuttle
  • welcome drinks
  • special booking.com phone number for genius members.

Simple, right?


The filters are one of the best things about Booking.com

There are many filters, and they can help you in the best possible choice of your stay. Use them intelligently.

Budget: this filter depends on your availability. Not always, however, a expansive hotel is synonymous of quality

Location Score: is the specific position really important to you? If not, and you do not want to end up in a dodgy place, use the position score from 7 or 8 up. This will give you a wider area and help you find a good position that you may not have been aware of.

Rating: we advise you to use an average rating of at least 7.5. Customer ratings are the best business card for a hotel.
Try not to ever go below this threshold, so as to have a pleasant stay.

Some filters to check are the following:

  • Breakfast included
  • Reception open 24 hours (if I do not know the exact time of my arrival and I do not want to worry about being late.)
  • Parking
  • Free wi-fi – is available almost in all hotels, but check for any eventuality.


Remember that on Booking.com there are not only hotels.
Sometimes it may be cheaper to reserve another type of structure

You can find Hotels, Apartments, Hostels, Holiday Homes, and B&B.

This type of choice, however, should not be dictated solely by the price. It may be more useful to take an apartment (often when you are more people this is the best choice), or decide to go to a hostel and immerse yourself completely in its atmosphere and in the initiatives that often this type of structure offer.


If you are not careful, this can really change the price of your stay.

In almost all bookings, you will find hidden costs that you need to pay attention to.
The tourist tax is that which you will almost always find, but sometimes you will also find VAT not included which you will then have to add to the final price of your stay.

Rarely, you will find additional costs for WI-FI, heating or air conditioning.

Also, especially for the apartments, you will find the final cleaning costs of the apartment to be paid, and you will often find a deposit (mainly for houses with luxury furnishings)


Of course, if you can.

If you are flexible, and the circumstances allow to wait with the booking until the very last moment, then do it! The hotels would usually offer discounts starting from 20% going all the way down to 60%. So you can save a lot of money and/or stay in a much nicer place than your budget would normally allow.

You can also book a structure that offers free cancellation, and 24 hours before the maximum date to be able to perform the cancellation, you can take a ride on booking.com and check if there is any last minute offe

Do you have any special tricks on booking with booking.com?

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