10 Best Tips to Save Money on Your Flight

Traveling is no longer a luxury reserved for a few. Why pay more than necessary to travel? Reduce your Flight costs, travel more and book a lot of flights with the 10 top Top World Hotel tips to reduce the price of your holiday.

1. Search in incognito mode

The first fundamental point is to browse incognito with your search engine. If you search for your airline tickets in normal mode, repeat the search on a certain track, the more it will increase in cost. This is because it happens?

The fault is dictated by “cookies“, which are traces that we leave whenever we do a search .

The mainly used browsers are:

  • Google chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N on Windows, cmd + shift + n on Mac
  • Internet explorex: Ctrl + Shift + P 
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + P on Windows, cmd + shift + p on Mac

2. Be flexible with arrival and departure dates

The days you decide to fly can greatly affect the cost of a flight, so it’s important to be flexible with your arrival and departure dates. The best days to leave are on tuesday, and to come back on wednesday.

Flying on Tuesday or Wednesday will probably be cheaper than a Friday or Sunday. The time of day can make the difference.
People tend to prefer traveling by day and by night.
If you are flexible, this can guarantee you a big savings for your next ticket purchase

3. Travel in low season

This advice is basic, yet many people ignore it.

If you can not travel for business reasons, or during specific seasons this point is not for you.
But if you can, our advice is to travel in low seasons, where you will find less crowded places, and definitely lower airline ticket prices than in the high seasons.

4. Look for one-way flights

A very common and used idea is to buy tickets both round-trip with the same company so you can save money.

This is usually the case, but have you ever wondered if there are exceptions? In many cases, you can get a lower price by booking tickets separately, with several companies: basically two one-way tickets.

The first will be from your city to the destination for your trip, the second will be from the chosen destination to your home.

5. Subscribe to the newsletter

We know, your mailbox is possibly full of junk e-mails.

Subscribing to airline newsletters is undoubtedly a safe way to get discounts and promotions, the latter issue for loyal members.

Airline companies, tour operators and alliances websites always alert their most loyal fans every time a sale or deal is presented. Very often these low prices last only a few hours, so you need to hurry up and book immediately so you do not miss the best deals.

6. Book in advance for cheap flights

Often, airline tickets rise in price during the last three weeks before departure. Booking as early as possible is one of the easiest ways to try and get the lowest price.

Using the top travel search engines like Google Flights or Kayaks, they have a price predictor algorithm that analyzes historical price trends to help predict whether ticket prices will increase, decrease or remain the same.

There are also many travel search where you can buy airline tickets and not directly from the companies themselves:

7. Time and Money

Time can not be bought, but it can help you save a lot of money. If you do not have time problems during your trip, there are two options that you should keep well in mind to spend less: stopovers and multiple destinations.

  • Travel with a stopover: the convenience of a direct trip is indescribable but you pay and get you first to your destination. If the price of direct flights is outside your budget, a stopover flight can make you pay less, in exchange for a longer duration of the journey. Clearly it is not a strategy that can be used for very short flights.
  • Multiple destinations: this option is equivalent to buying two tickets (return) together, but from a different airport than the arrival, whether in the same city or not. For example, imagine visiting Barcelona, ​​but during our stay we spend even a day in Madrid. Without the option of multiple destinations you would be obliged either to return to Barcelona, ​​or to buy a return ticket separately. Instead with this solution you can return from Madrid without renouncing the (probable) advantage that involves buying round-trip in a single transaction.

8. The Credit card makes the difference

Yes, even the credit card with which the payment of the plane ticket is made determines the final price. Depending on the type of paper you use, it is possible to add a small commission, so you should try different cards, if you have the availability, comparing all the final prices and making the payment with the most convenient one. Usually debit cards only the best option.

Another idea is to join a company to get the payment cards that some of them offer. What are they for? To get points for each flight purchase and, in the end, enjoy a special discount for members. If you have enough points you can even get to travel for free.

9. Weight the luggage before leaving

Some of us arrive at the airport unaware of the actual weight of the suitcase, only to find out once we arrive at the airport that the weight exceeds a little, or by far the minimum standards.

To avoid this, we advise you to weigh the suitcase before leaving, so that you can save money, and enjoy the flight in total relaxation.

10. Bring food on the plane

Many of you, always have the doubt if they can bring food and eat them on the plane.
The answer is yes, of course.

As long as the foods are not liquid, you can bring snacks, sandwiches and anything else solid.
This will save you a lot of money compared to the menus offered during the flight

Do you have any tips, in addition to these reported to save on flights? 

Write down your tips here and share them with others!!

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